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Looking for South OC California Charters/ISPs

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OK California Ladies!!


For a few reasons my sister has to leave her Charter in South OC. She is looking into different options so I thought I'd see what y'all can recommend here. I've followed the California homeschooling treads but didn't see much for her area. Public or Priavte is fine. A program w/ a drama club is highest on the list but anything w/ a jr high would be great!


Ideas? Thanks!

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I can't think of any specifically south county,


but there is one called Spirit that is in Tustin, I had a friend involved and they had 1 or 2 days of classes offered, this is run by a church.


I am looking at one called Integrity, which is run out of Anaheim..it looks pretty big and has been around for a while, they run classes and events.


Calvary Chapel CM has an ISP program, but I haven't heard of any events or drama groups through them. I think they do organize field trips and I think you can use their library if you are a member.


I'll post back later if I can find any links.


oh, as far as Charter schools, Eagles Peak charter school has a learning center in Tustin, I used to be with them, you can be very parent-directed with their program. I am with Sky Mountain now, no learning center, but parent-directed, too.

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