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Newest member of our herd...

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TK Cutters Famous Fire was born here at our place sometime early Wednesday morning. I wasn't on "baby watch" yet as I thought I had a few more days before the arrival so I was pleasantly surprised to go out to feed and see an extra pair of eyes staring at me. Mom and baby - Rico is his barn name are doing great. My mare is a maiden and handled the birth and nursing process wonderfully.






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Are you planning on keeping him or will he be for sale? He sure is cute.


My girls and I went on our first trail ride of the years. It was short but went well. It was only 36 and a bit breezy so the girls said they were COLD. It was supposed to be 52 and sun.


We are leaving in 1/2 hour to check out a pony for them as well. Chauncey is a 13.2hh 20 year old POA mare. Supposedly a bomb proof, babysitter type horse with show experience as well as lots of trail miles. We will see. Not everyone is truthful about their horses.


We need another horse as right now they share their 31 year old 16hh gelding.

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I LOVE these kinds of posts! Thanks for sharing! It was probably a blessing that you were not on 'baby watch'.....no worrying!


That's what my DH said when my maiden mare, Jazz - in my avitar -, foaled 11 days early and we went out to find a perfectly healthy, dry and nursing filly. His words, "Thank GOD!!!! you weren't there to watch." He knows I would have been a nervous wreck!


Congrats! Adorable!

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I remember when I had horses being surprised one morning with a new filly. Yay for early foaling! lol! Love that little whiskery muzzle. :001_wub:


Not everyone is truthful about their horses.


Ain't that the truth! When I was twelve, I was tossed (actually much more violent than it sounds) by a "kid safe horse". Turns out the horse had only ever been ridden by one person in it's lifetime.

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