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Want Ideas-Fiction Space Reading-2nd Grd


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I'm working on next year's planning. We're doing Space and Earth Science. Wanted to include some fiction space related independant readers. He easily reads Magic Tree House. So something at that level or a little above. Ideally not too much daddle or too dark.


Any ideas?




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Non Fiction (stepped readers for older readers)


Race Into Space -- Eric Arnold

Spacebusters -- Philip Wilkinson

Space Station: Accident on Mir -- Angela Royston

Space Heroes: Amazing Astronauts --James Buckley

Moonwalk -- Judy Donnelly

Space and the Planets (The Magic School Bus, Fact Finder) -- Kris Hirschmann



Educational/Factual through a Fictional Storyline


Space Explorers (The Magic School Bus Chapter Book, No. 4) -- Eva Moore

Magic School Bus Out Of This World: A Book About Space Rocks -- Joanna Cole

Magic School Bus Lost In The Solar System -- Joanna Cole

Magic School Bus Sees Stars: A Book About Stars -- Nancy White

Miss Galaxy's Space Lessons -- Phil Roxbee Cox


Space Pirates and the Monster of Malswomp -- Scoular Anderson (compass points)

Space Pirates: A Map-Reading Adventure -- Scoular Anderson (map reading)

Space Pirates and the Treasure of Salmagundy -- Scoular Anderson




Zathura -- Chris Van Allsburg

Space Dogs on Planet K-9 -- Joan Holub

Midnight On The Moon (Magic Tree House 8) -- Mary Pope Osborne

Mrs. Pickerell Goes to Mars -- Ellen MacGregor

Outer Space Mystery (Boxcar Children Mysteries, Book 59) -- Gertrude Chandler Warner



Fun to Look At

Incredible Cross-sections of Star Wars (series)

various books by various authors, all with Incredible Cross Sections of Star Wars in the title: David Reynolds; David West; Curtis Saxton

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Mrs. Pickerell Goes to Mars -- Ellen MacGregor
I bought three or four of the Mrs. Pickerell books at a used book sale last year and we have loved them!


Someone here recently mentioned The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet by Eleanor Cameron. We started reading it a few days ago and it has been a winner so far. (Thank you, whoever recommended it!)


If you can get your hands on any of the old "Space Cat" books, they are charming. (By Ruthven Todd)

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I thought of the Mushroom Planet series, but it's at a gr. 5 or so reader level. Also, in case this is a concern, there are a few short plugs for evolution in several of the books. I remember reading these as a kid, about age 12, and loving them. I read them aloud to our boys along about ages 6-10 and they loved them, too.


It's really hard to find space theme chapter books at a 2nd-3rd grade reading level!! The only other one I could think of was the "Commander Toad" series by Yolen, but these are at a young 2nd grade reading level, not chapter books.


Still thinking! Warmly, Lori D.

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