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I did the same thing. We're on level 2 now and my son (not a great speller) will be turning 10 soon.


What I started doing first thing is reviewing a few of the rule cards he needed work on. Then I'll orally have him spell out 10 word cards. I'll then just move those to the back of the deck. So if he misses one, I'll pull that card out and he'll go over it the next day along with 10 new word cards. It goes by pretty quick. If he were a better speller I'd probably just occasionally review, but we're always running across words that he has done correctly (human comes to mind, he doesn't know if it is human or humin) and he'll miss them the next time we go through them. We started out in order, but after advancing along and adding our new cards, plus him missing cards, they are basically mixed up.


I think if they are getting the rules okay, probably the best thing I feel is the writing of the phrases and sentences...that's where I feel like we're getting the most bang for our buck.




Alison in KY

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This may be in the plans further along (we are only on lesson 7), so you might have done it already, but here is a suggestion...


Word Sort: Take out the word cards you feel are important, put the rule cards on the table and have your child stack the word cards underneath the appropriate rule. You can have him write them in a chart in his notebook according to the rule for reinforcement, if you think it is necessary.



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(human comes to mind, he doesn't know if it is human or humin) and he'll miss them the next time we go through them.


One thing that can help with this--when you first do the word, pronounce it for spelling very clearly--ie, hu-MAN. Then have your student repeat the pronunciation after you. After the lesson is done and the card is in your review tab, what I do is say, "I'm going to say these words "fast," how we normally say them when we talk. I want you to say it "slow" and pronounce for spelling before you spell it."


If they pronounce incorrectly, I give the pronunciation & have them spell it, but I keep it in review. They have to say it and spell it with no hesitation before I move it to mastered.


Merry :-)

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I am remediating spelling with 9yo 3rd grade ds. He is on Step 13 of book 1 and has been doing wonderfully. I think out of the 70 or so words he's tested on so far, he has only missed one on a test.


How, then, am I supposed to be using the Word Cards? Is that something for every day? Do I just choose a couple of the past spelling words at random and have him ... what? spell out loud? in writing? with the tiles?


I think I've been using the program as written except for this missing piece. TIA


Generally what you do is, after they pass a step, put all of the cards from that lesson behind their review tab. Then at the beginning of the next step, you see the reminder to review cards--that's when you review. If your child knows them w/o hesitation, move it to mastered. If he struggles or gets it wrong, keep it in review.


I like to review cards at the beginning of each day, not just the beginning of each lesson. I found around the middle of book 2 that my kids were really needing more review (and like the other poster, that some words my kids get correct early on, they need to review later). I used to just pull out the first 10 of the mastered cards & review those if we didn't have any regular words to review. Now I've set up additional tabs so that my kids do a word once a week for 3 weeks after it passes out of the daily review, before it goes to mastered. That's probably not necessary for a lot of kids, but it's working well for us.


The book will prompt you to do a master review from time to time as well. When that comes up, you shuffle the cards & go through them. You can do all of the cards, or pull out samplings from each lesson that were challenging (sometimes you'll need more from some lessons than from others).


HTH! Merry :-)

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I have my 7yo spell 5 of the words orally (this is hard for her and she is more likely to make a mistake, but I think it is good because it forces her to picture the word in her mind), then I have her read through 10 words (builds fluency and visual memory of the word). If she can spell them orally correctly then I put them behind the mastered. The ones she reads The reading ones I put at the end of the pile. When we have gone through the whole pile I shuffle it and start over.


My older two are spelling way beyond level 1 (6th and 4th grade when I tested at the beginning of the year) so I am not having them do review yet. When I do I will have them do the same thing as my 7yo.



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