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Online classes -- how do you submit tests and assignments?

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I'm taking a Latin class (for myself) and am a little frustrated with the way we have to submit assignments and tests. These are emailed to us as a Word document, but they are formatted for printing and hand-writing answers on blank lines. We are required to type our answers, and so I've been removing the lines (which is tedious and often messes up the other formatting, which then has to be fixed) and typing in my answers. (Sigh.) It just seems to make the assignments take twice as long.


Dh suggests making text boxes in each spot instead, but this doesn't seem any better. I've emailed the instructor to ask if we can submit answers (numbered) on a separate sheet, but I'm not very hopeful.


I'm wondering how other online classes handle these. I've seen online questionnaire forms with boxes for typing in answers and wonder if other classes use something like this instead.

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My kids have not had to fill in any pre-made lines for their on-line classes. Ds said that his AP Human Geo class (through PA Homeschoolers) uses text boxes. His Florida Virtual School classes use Word documents, but without the lines.


Ugh! That would be annoying to have to reformat every document!



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I teach Latin online myself, and I send out the assignments in Word. They can either just write the answers in a new document, or write them after the sentences they are to translate. Then I highlight the mistakes in yellow, and write the correct answer in red. If I want to make a comment, to add more information, I put that in blue so they know it is not wrong.


Most teachers are flexible.

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Thanks guys. It seems like there should be a way to use something like this questionnaire for online class assignments. The teacher would receive the answers, and it seems like it would be easier to grade. However, I don't know if this would actually be feasible for online classes, and I was curious whether others used something similar.


In my case, my teacher was flexible and will allow me to type the answers on a separate sheet if I'd like -- so I feel much better!

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