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Your fave resource for Settlers of Catan?

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Do you mean for purchasing it? Or for game play? I think we bought ours off of Amazon. There isn't anywhere close to home we could purchase it easily, and they were the cheapest, plus free shipping. However, if IIRC, the price at the time fluctuated quite often.


As for game play, this link off of their site is pretty cool. http://www.profeasy.com/Settlers_Boardgame/index.html?mode=3 I had forgotten that I had it until I was cleaning out my bookmarks today. :tongue_smilie:

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This has been on my BGG wishlist for awhile (I believe it's somewhat similar to Carcassone, which we love!), so while I don't have any suggestions, I can recommend checking out the site to see what the favorite expansions are: Board Game Geek: The Settlers of Catan.


P.S. I think I misread the question, though even if you weren't looking for info on the expansions, do check out BGG - you'll find rule variations, where to buy it & all kinds of other info!

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We got ours from www.funagaingames.com. This was a few years ago. It was $23 (suggested retail was $38), plus about $7 for shipping. We bought several of the Settlers games & extensions at once to save on shipping. Looking at the site now, it looks like Settlers is now $33.60, with a sugg. retail price of $42.


Oh, goodness. Going to that site, I see there's a lot of new Catan games. Yay. We have Settlers, Cities & Knights and Seafarers, and the 5-6 player expansions for each. Haven't been interested in the card game, Starfarers, or Starship, but some of these newer ones look up our alley.

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Perusing BGG again, I came across a link to this article (recently published in Wired magazine) about Settlers of Catan - Monopoly Killer: Perfect German Board Game Redefines Genre (and board games in general) - it's pretty interesting!

Thanks for the link. Good article. The article had a link to www.playcatan.com. I don't think I've been there before. We'll have to try it out. Dh and I also play a computer version of Seafarers--I don't remember where we got it, but it was a free download.

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