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Anyone use BJU for English ~Writing and Grammar~ Grade 3?


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What do you like/dislike about it? Not sure yet if I want to use it, but I have an opportunity to buy this program for a REALLY terrific price, and was wondering what others thought. I have briefly browsed through some samples, and it looks as if it might work well for my visual guy.

Just reaching out for any opinions! :)

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My dd is using BJU English 3 this year. The program alternates between 10 grammar lessons and then 10 writing lessons, repeating up to 160 lessons. The workbook is colorful and well laid out.


I love the grammar program. The lessons are short and quick but thorough over the course of the year. Each lesson is two pages, the first is designed to be done with a teacher and the second page as independent work. Each grammar lesson has a small writing piece at the end (like a sentence or two) where the child applies the grammar they learned that day. It takes my dd 15 minutes to do a grammar lesson so it is not an over kill for her age.


My dd is enjoying the writing program, mostly because they spend several lessons sharpening the skills she needs to complete the writing assignment. I also love that the child spends 5 days, (plan, draft, revise, proofread and publish) on each assignment, so the focus is on quality not quanity. BJU's planning documents are so great that by the time the child drafts the assignment, they are really comfortable with what they need to do. I also like the assortment of writing assignments, (book report, persuasive essay, friendly letter, poem, compare and contrast essay...)


I was concerned that there wasn't enough writing assigments, one every four weeks, so we have supplemented the writing portion with Classical Writing-Aesops A and with letters to her pen pals and Grandma.


We are planning to use BJU English 4 for next year.



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BJU has a solid grammar program. I cant say enough about this program. It really prepared my dd very well. I did not like the writing lessons (neither did dd). We are doing CW Homer and we are liking that quite a bit so that might give you an idea.


While I do love this program and think it explained things very well, I chose not to use it for my younger dd. The expense of the TM, the difficulty with resale, no free shipping offers or hotel meetings nearby, and the fact aht I was only using half the book (remember we were using a different writing program) really turned me off. I know that sounds like silly reasons to abandon a good program, but the cost of using BJU really got out of my budget when I could no longer get the TMs 2nd hand. And, I discovered GWG. That is a wonderful program! IT is really complete, effective, easy, my dd loves it and it doesnt include a writing program.



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Thanks so much for your responses!

Reading StacyTea's blog was a big help along with the HollyDay and Ferdie opinions!

We are actually using GWG 3 right now, but my dear one is NOT overly thrilled with it. Boring pages to him that he just wants to race through to finish. We used GWG 1&2 -off and on -for the same reasons-not a very visual curriculum; therefore I was incorporating Abeka Language 2 with the GWG. But, I wasn't real keen on Abeka Language. SO, when I was recently introduced to BJU's program, I was definitely intrigued. I think it is covering what I was trying to do by incorporating the GWG and Abeka. And, after reading the opinions and thoughts from the wonderful moms here on this board, I think the decision to switch may be an easy one! :)

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