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Help! I need an alternate to a week 30 book for TOG yr 2 Classic - ASAP


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Hi everyone,


I asked over on the TOG forums, but I thought I'd ask here as well.


I ordered "Give Me Liberty, The Uncompromising Statesmanship of Patrick Henry" from Amazon almost two weeks ago, and it still has not arrived. Since today begins week 30 for us, I can't wait any longer. Can someone suggest another book for the Dialectic level? (my dd is gr 7/13yo)


I see that there are two in the upper grammar level, but I want something on par with the D level book, as well as something that gives the same info.


We are using Classic yr 2


Thanks so much,


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I don't know if they contain the same information because I've never seen the book listed, but you could check your library for Patick Henry: American Statesman and Speaker by J. Grote (Revolutionary War Leaders series) or Patrick Henry: Firebrand of the Revolution by Campion. Either of these books should be appropriate for the dialectic level.



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