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MUS users... I'm contemplating MUS

kaylk in tx

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I'm to the point of having a shopping cart on their website, just can't click the checkout button yet!


So here's the set up.... 3 boys.

Age 8.5: wiggly, extremely visual, language/speech delays, auditory processing issues

Age 7 twin A: kinda wiggly, fairly balanced learning style, language/speech delays and motor-planning issues

Age 7 twin B: extremely wiggly, extremely kinesthetic/auditory, no learning delays


Already tried Mastering Mathematics, Math Mammoth, CLP, Singapore, and Saxon. Don't want to try Right Start... looks way too teacher intensive and the games would drive me insane.


Do you think MUS would work for all of them??? I'd have them watch the DVD separately (the twins would be in Beta, the older in Gamma) and do the practice pages separately... I know some have recommended getting the Singapore Challenging Word Problems to supplement.


So please, please, please.... help me decide!!!

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That's exactly what I'm doing w/ my oldest boys; MUS supplemented w/ CWP. I have been very pleased w/ the results so far. My oldest is breezing through multiple digit multiplication. We've had a little hiccup or two but not really a problem. We watch the dvd together and the beginning of the lesson. My oldest is more of a "Sociable Sue" and my middle is definitely a "Wiggly Willy." There is no flash to the workbooks however; just black and white but my boys could care less. If you do a search, Sue from St. Pete has a very good, in depth review of MUS. I say definitely give it a try!

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I have 2 super wiggly kids (the boys). After crying over Saxon for an entire year, I sold it and bought MUS. We have never looked back!


1) Though some don't use the blocks, they have been perfect for us. We can see the concepts in 3 dimensions, and also can build the concepts. They can quickly move on to thinking *without* the blocks. I like that Steve uses the manipulatives for all levels, so the kids can use them when they need to without feeling baby-ish.


2) Steve is so personable; the kids love watching him. It a blessing that I have one less subject to teach (they don't argue with Mr. Steve!). I have even learned a few things about math myself! I love the confidence that the kids are learning in a way that supports their further math goals. I am not a math person, so I was quickly out of my league.


3) We can easily tailor our speed to our needs.


4) The mastery approach means my LD son can really nail the concept. With Saxon we kept jumping around; when we returned to a function he would have completely forgotten it.


4) The program has great resale value. In fact, you might consider buying it used first (i think there are some on the sale board right now) to make sure it works for you.


All in all, we are VERY satisfied. HTH!

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I adore MUS. It's a kinder, gentler math, and I love the concrete, manipulative-based explanations. The video is fantastic.


:iagree: I'm better at math because of MUS. If I had this when I was growing up, whew --- who knows what would've happened to me! :lol::tongue_smilie:


I LOVE the DVDs, my son too (that's what matters.)

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Have you looked at the Special Ed section of the website?


I don't have special needs here, but I think the way MUS works helps retention. Here is an excerpt from my review which can be read in this thread.


Sometimes, people are concerned about the scope & sequence of MUS. If you look at the scope & sequence of some other math curriculums or what is being taught in your local elementary school, you may find it different from MUS. MUS uses a "mastery" approach. It focuses on single digit addition and subtraction in alpha, multiple digit addition and subtraction in beta, multiplication in gamma, division in delta, fractions in epsilon, and decimals in zeta, roughly 1st-6th grade. Other curriculums use a "spiral" approach. They do a little bit of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions in each grade with each year getting progressively more difficult. This concerns some people. If they put their child in school in 3rd grade, their child may have not seen fractions at all, whereas the ps'ers would have seen simple fractions. This does not mean that the 3rd graders who have been taught simple fractions actually understand them, just that they have seen them.


But, because MUS focuses on one concept each year, I see that as one of its strengths. I think it really helps the child to know multiplication (for example) until they know it forwards, backwards, sideways, and upside down. I think it helps to CEMENT it in the child's head.

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We love MUS, my ds10 was completely lost in math before we started using it, now it is one of his favorite subjects. He is truely "getting it" and that is all because of MUS. 2 lessons ago I started letting him watch the dvd instead of me teaching the lesson and that has made it even more positive for him. It's a great program for those who struggle in math at all.

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We use it, love it, wouldn't do anything else.


10yo (just turned) - using Delta. Asperger's, language processing delays, anxiety issues, small motor skill issues. Watches the DVD and does a week's worth of math in a single day. Loves it, asks to do it. Seldom uses the blocks, but they've been helpful to solidify a concept or two.


5yo (6 in May) - using Primer. Extremely visual, probably has some auditory processing issues and slight speech delay, REALLY wiggly won't sit still for longer than about 10 minutes (but not ADHD). Watches the DVD with me usually, then goes through with the blocks as prescribed. Is mastering the Primer set (which is not meant to be mastered) and is doing great. Even when he doesn't want to "do school" he'll usually do math... as long as I let him play with the blocks after he finishes his page. ;)


4yo (5 in Aug) - more language minded than math minded, haven't really figured out his learning style yet, sits still okay but gets frustrated easily, is a perfectionist and will sit there until he *does* get it even if he's been crying for a half hour. :/ Using Primer in the prescribed manner (doesn't care to watch the DVD with me usually), loves to use colors to do his math, and usually plays with the blocks for a few minutes when we're done. Usually wants to do two pages, and often needs to be guided through them, but he's having a blast and we keep going until he's ready to stop and play.



We love it. :) Hope you do too! There is a yahoogroup for MUS users where a lot of questions are asked if you're interested. MUSusers is the name of it!

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