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Is there an opinion on which (secular) latin program best prepares for the national

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What level of the exam are you thinking about?


Since it is a complied national exam, there isn't a particular text that fits perfectly with the exam. My experience is that those using particularly Ecce and Cambridge are generally prepped well for the exam, but everyone still seems to need some quick 5 minute overviews of a few concepts that haven't been covered by March.


ETA: If doing well on the NLE and using a textbook as it is written is a goal, Lingua Latina is probably not a great text in this case (even though I love it and use it.)

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Besides the NLE, we're interested in doing some latin in the college board testing, too. I'm just not sure where to go....


Our Latin teacher was just telling me the best prep is to go and practice the exams on the NLE past exams on the NLE website and then figure out what you don't know (from the old tests) and find information on those areas. If it helps, she directs us to quality Roman/Greek gods, history books, (we just do child's level) myth books, geography, household rooms, city center terms (ie. aquaduct, forum, bath-house) of the Roman (Greek) empire era and vocabulary.


I was at the college board website yesterday trying to download their SAT Latin subject test info. I was unsuccessful (dial up -grrr) but it looked like that was hte best place to start.





We just took the Latin 1 test after taking Intro to Latin NLE last year.

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