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Curriculum in a Box by Timberdoodle


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Check this out.




This topic of curriculum in a box has come up several times in various threads. Of course, I would recommend K12, as I have lately in several threads, but here is another option that might suit others who are more WTM/Charlotte Mason style.


Here's what they use for 1st grade:


Phonics Pathways

Language Lessons for the Very Young (Sandi Queen)

A Reason for Handwriting

Horizons Math

Apologia - Exploring Creation with _________ series

Story of the World

and several other thinking things and hands on things


This looks like this would be good for some who have been wanting everything together in one place.

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This does look interesting, particularly for someone just starting out and overwhelmed by the number of options out there. That being said, I see two downfalls with this boxed curriculum. First is a lack of scheduling help for someone new to homeschooling. There is a link to scheduling but does not appear to be working, at least on my computer. Someone new may wish to have their hand held a little more. Secondly, and this one relates to all potential boxed curriculum not specifically this one, the box does not seem to be flexible, ie if a child is working ahead in one or more subjects, then you cannot adjust for that-math specifically comes to mind.


All that rambling to say, I think Timberdoodle is on to something in terms of boxed curriculum. They seem to have made some good choices. I would love to be able to buy completely that way and be done, but my kids do not seem to fit in a box (maybe one day the box will be big enough for them to fit into :lol:).

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Timberdoodle got the link working for the schedules. Here it is:




It's not a week by week schedule, it's a sample form, and a link to a pdf form, which you can fill out to make out your own schedule.


They take the approach that if you take # of lessons or pages and divide by the # of weeks you will be schooling, that tells you how many lessons or pages to do per week.


They wrote me a note saying that they will be adding a ton more helps and things very soon.


Though I'm really set with K12, I have to put in a plug for Timberdoodle. This company is owned by a very nice family, and their products are always top notch. I think most of the products they sell have been used to homeschool their own children, and they personally endorse them.

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You know, this made me think of the old book of the month clubs that I was in as a kid. There was one for horse books, this was great because I'd already read every horse book in my elementary library. There was the Weekly Reader Book Club (I still have some of their titles on my shelf for my kids). There was another club for Nancy Drew (my neighbor got a bunch of these).

I even found out a few years ago that my MIL and her sister had been in the We Were There/Biography bookclub when they were kids in the 1950s. They were also getting much older Nancy Drew books (which she still has for her grandkids to read).


I sometimes wish that there were a cool bookclub for homeschoolers with a lovely history book each month. Where you could sign up for what you were studying and get some cool treasure that you didn't know you needed until it showed up.

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