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Homeschooling in VA (near DC)

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We are moving soon to VA, near DC. What is hs'ing like there? I read the law on HDLDA's site, but it's always better understood in layman's terms! We were already on schedule to finish K in April, so we will be done for the year before we move. So I'm mostly looking for next year (we like to start in July). We're also looking for a co-op to join. We so love the one we have been a part of here! I'm looking for something somewhat social, somewhat acedemic. Something that gives us a reason to get out and meet people, but for more than just to play. Thanks!

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Hi Melissa-


In terms of co-ops, check into the share-net - an email loop with all kinds of classes, clubs and co-ops. sharenet@att.net

I'm part of a Classical Conversations group- there are several in the area. Check out the website and click on the VA state page.



As you probably already know, there is lots to do around here with the museums and history.


Hope you have a great move!

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Don't know where you are going to be, but there are tons of things to do around here. Sharenet is, indeed, a great resource.


Layman's terms--we homeschool according to the provision that has us

1. Send a statement of intent to homeschool to the district by Aug 1st, or as

soon as you know.

2. In your intent letter, list what you will be teaching (simple as "Grade level

math, science, English, reading, history").

3. Include a copy of your hs diploma or college degree (I send in a digital pic)

4. Test with a standardized test at the end of the year, sending in results by

Aug 15.


Easy-peesy. I don't have to keep track of hours, justify my beliefs about schooling, list curriculum (unless asked more specifically--they don't, usually) or follow the Standards of Learning. There are 3 other provisions under which you may homeschool but I think this one is the easiest.

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Just want to add a plug for Home Educators Association of Virginia. Check them out at http://www.heav.org. They host the largest homeschool convention in Virginia each year at the Richmond Convention Center. This year's keynote speaker will be Voddie Baucham. They publish a quarterly magazine and a weekly email newsletter, both free of charge. Also, they keep up with all the legislative goings on in Richmond and keep members aware of any trouble brewing on the homeschool front. Their website is a gold mine of info.

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