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Christian light bible and social studies?

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We are using Bible 2 and 3 and it's both kids favorite subjects. We do it daily. I think it's very thorough with lots of built in review (for 3rd). I am very impressed. The 2nd grade is a lot of fun, but to get the full point of the program the teacher (me) has to read a long bible story (not long - but much longer than the 1 page the student book carries) and then the kids read a clif version of the story and do a puzzle or something. 2nd grade is fun and easy, 3rd is a lot more challenging. I wish it were designed to be a daily subject! We love it.


ETA - I would not say that the 3rd grade is sunday school-ish at all. More R&S but more fun and less writing. The 2nd grade is light but fun. We're working one grade level ahead (my 1st grader is doing Bible 2) and it's been a great fit.

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Hm , ok thats interesting about grade 2 and 3 being different. I love the idea of grade 3 and 4 books but now Im going to have to look more deeply into 2nd. I do our science, history and bible together so that means my now K and 3rd grader will be doing this together next fall in grades 1 and 4.



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Did you look at the scope and sequence?


I have used the Bilbe curriculum for grades 7 and 9. I like the content, but the non-Sunrise format was a deal breaker for me. It is just not user friendly. So, I quickly dropped the 7th grade one, but I am plodding through the 9th grade one for my son. We may only end up with a half credit for Bible.


I have not used the history as we follow TWTM.



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