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Please share your 8th grade plans...


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math - BJU Pre-Algebra

science - PH Physical Science (w/ Kolbe plan/schedule)

foreign lang.: Greek in 30 Minutes a Day (w/ Kolbe plan/schedule)

grammar: R&S grammar 6 (2nd half)

writing: CW Diogenes Maxim

Literature: Kolbe literature

history: Sonlight 100 (History portion only)

(For history he will mostly only read the Hakim books and we will use the SL notes. I also have the Hewitt guide for these books for test and suggestions for projects/activities & research papers.)

PE: treadmill, trampoline, weight machine, punching bag, bike riding




TTC How to Become a Superstar Student


Practical Graphic Design


I'd add in logic but I'm afraid we won't have the time.


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Math:LOF Beginning Algebra (dd's choice).I'd like to add in some Key to Algebra books and a book or two of Key to Geometry too.


Grammar:BJUP grade 8 Writing and Grammar though we'll skip the writing assignments. Or maybe Sonlight's LA;I'll decide when I see it.


Writing and Literature:LL8


Vocabulary:Wordsmart 2. I got this used at a booksale and I think we'll give it a try.


History and Literature:SL core 100. I'd like to spread it out over 2 years so that we can also cover state requirements for US history for high school in 9th grade.In that case, I'll add other resources-more literature, documentaries and movies.


Science: Undecided between Apologia's Physical Science course which I strongly suspect dd will dislike and making my own physics/ general science program geared more toward her learning style...similar to Sonlight's elementary grade science curriculum but without the worksheets and IG.


PE: dance, swimming, walking.


Music: something from The Teaching Company. This is a state requirement.


Spanish:dd's request. Something cheaper than Rosetta Stone, which I think is a great program but I don't want to waste all that money trying out yet another language program that never gets done.


And "classes" in life/practical skills (parents' choice) and computers (dd's choice).

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This is my plan for next year.


Jacobs Geometry

A Beka Grammar

IEW History Based Writing - Civil War to Present

TOG - Yr 4 Redesigned for History, Literature, Geography

Latin - outside class

Traditional Logic Book I

BJU Physical Science

Lamplighters Worldview course

Positive Action for Christ materials for Bible


He will continue in Scouts, Tae Kwon Do, and meals on wheels. I hope to find more service opportunities. Any ideas on that would be greatly appreciated.

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What is the "Kolbe plan/schedule"? :lurk5:


I enrolled my 8th grader in Kolbe Academy this year. I can still do school exactly as I want, using any materials I want, even materials that they do not carry.


For science, Greek and literature I decided to go with their course plans. Everything else he will be doing is from someone other than Kolbe.


The only point of enrolling was to give him accountability to someone besides mom.


I am supposed to send in graded samples of his work in all areas (even for materials they do not carry.)


Also, since I registered I was able to sign up to have 12 papers per quarter graded by them! I can send in book reports, history papers, whatever, they will grade them and he will have an outside grade! I am thrilled about this!


Ok, probably more than you wanted to know. :tongue_smilie: But there it is anyway. :D



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Science: BJU Physical Science with dvds

How to Be a Superstar Student (from the Teaching Co)

Languages: Galore Park Latin

SAT Prep: Greek Morphemes

History: Truthquest Age of Revolution 3

Math: Life of Fred Beginning Algebra with Home Companion

Literature: Lightning Lit 8th

Logic: Discovery of Deduction

Civics: Hendrick's Under God

co-op IEW/Literary Analysis class

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Currently, ds is using:


Jacob's Algebra

1st 1/2 of Henle Latin using MODG syllabus

Apologia Physical Science

History: home-grown WTM-inspired mix of SOTW-4, KIHW, Making of America, Growing Up in the People's Century, a few library books and read alouds

Geography: beyond filling out the SOTW maps, we are trying to use The Geography Coloring Book and learn our states and capitals

Memory work: usually we work on one Bible verse and one poem at a time, along with the presidents

Grammar and Writing Instruction: R&S 8th

Reading: WTM 8th grade list

Vocabulary from Classical Roots A

We were doing Introductory Logic, but found it hard to learn to mastery. So, we are doing Fallacy Detective and watching "How to Be a Superstar Student" from The Teaching Company instead

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This is what I have planned right now, but of course it is subject to change at any time :)


Sonlight 100 w/ Hewitt History of US guides

LLATL Gold American Lit.

Analytical Grammar season 3, then start Jensen's Grammar (maybe, might wait until 9th on this-it can supposedly be finished in 90 days)

Jensen's vocabulary

Apples 2 Daily Spelling

trying to decide if I'll add more writing or just use what is in SL and LLATL

Apologia Physical Science

Traditional Logic 1

Henle Latin

TTC How to Be a SuperStar Student

Continue with Visual-Link Spanish or work on a French program if we get to go to Europe

He will be starting Pre-Algebra in a couple of weeks, and will work on it all summer, so he'll start TT Algebra I sometime in the 8th grade.

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