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If you were LCCing and...

Which plan should I use?  

  1. 1. Which plan should I use?

    • Option A!
    • Option B!
    • Neither.
    • Either.

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Because our state recommends kids take a Global History & Geography test in high school, I feel I can't afford to drop geography in the middle grades as LCC recommends.


I'm not willing to give up the logic that would take geography's place in the weekly schedule, according to the LCC book.


Our state requires art at the seventh grade level.


I was thinking of doing CW Homer for this kid next year, but I'm not married to the idea; I was also thinking of just waiting for him to be mature enough for a high school progym course.


I have to cover Middle Ages & Ren/Ref with this kid next year while the other kids are covering just Ren/Ref. That way he'll at some point be back in our chronological progression despite having taken off to public school while we did Middle Ages this year.


When I look at where I can still combine, the idea keeps popping back in that I could combine history, art, composition, literature and even our state's required "library skills" (:rolleyes:) by using just History Odyssey Middle Ages Level II for all of those subjects; and that would be streamling which is one of the things I most like about LCC.


I'm just a bit sensitive to the possibility that I may be overcomplicating things.


I would otherwise have him do this lineup, Option B.


Composition -- CW Homer

Maths -- Life of Fred Beginning Algebra

Latin -- Latin Prep 1

Logic -- Traditional Logic 1

Literature -- Bulfinch's Mythology, Garfield's Shakespeare Stories, Tenggren's King Arthur

Science -- Ellen McHenry's The Elements

History -- Story of the World II, just reading the book and doing written narration

Geography -- National Geographic EdNet

Visual Arts -- probably Sister Wendy DVDs


Option A would be


Life of Fred Beginning Algebra

Latin Prep 1

History Odyssey Middle Ages II

Traditional Logic 1

Noeo Chem II

National Geographic EdNet


I'm leaning heavily towards Option A right now.

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Why are you switching The Elements for Noeo?



. . . because Noeo is a writing-intensive, three-day-a-week program best done in a year that is otherwise not overwhelmingly full with a child who could use a little extra composition practice. The Elements is more suited to completion once a week at a relaxed pace; and it's written in a style he'll like an awful lot, which makes it easier on a kid who will have a full plate.


:) Thanks for the feedback!

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I remember from my college science classes that the more elegant theory is most often the correct one. (I didn't vote because I don't know much about HO; Just wanted to give you an encouraging word :))


It's hard on the one hand to have ideas to make the curriculum just how you want and to include all these great things, but one the other hand to have the simplicity of something already put together (which then gives you the freedom to add or change something when you want to). I'm with OP, Occam's Razor. Plan A

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