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ideas for getting healthy again

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As I'm sure you've noticed I've posted a lot lately about influenza and everything else the kids and I have had lately. It's been a rough couple of weeks.


I feel that my daughters especially need to boost their immune systems and get their health back. It seems like they get better from one thing and then get something else. I went to the doctor today and although I don't have the flu I have another virus. I have severe body aches, fatigue and headache but not a lot of respiratory symptoms. The doctor said that my daughters could also get this virus if we aren't careful.


Of course we are all careful to wash our hands often, not share towels or utensils, etc. Everyone takes vitamins but lately the girls have not had much of an appetite. My middle dd has been living on jello, pudding and yogurt since Sunday. She did the same thing a few weeks ago when she was sick. Needless to say she has lost a lot of weight and isn't very healthy. She seems very frail.


We are going to Disney one week from today and I'm really afraid that she isn't going to have any energy for that and it may set her back even more.


Any ideas for boosting immunity and overall health-i.e. certain vitamins, healthy foods, any ideas?

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It seems to help us to cut out sugar and processed food from our diet. We try to eat just fresh fruit or drink orange juice if we need something sweet.


Hope you all feel better for Disney next week!






Let her get plenty of rest between now & then. And, if the weather in your area is cooperative, I think fresh air & sunshine do wonders to help. Sometimes even cracking your windows helps, just by letting in a little fresh air.


Is she getting enough protein/iron too?

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Culturelle is supposed to be a good brand according to Andrew Weil. (Not all brands are--don't get just any.) They make a kids' version, but my dds 14 and 11 take the adult one, as do I.


It's supposed to be very good for immunity and digestive health. I took it all winter & didn't get sick once, although I usually do, and the dc did multiple times. So I started giving it to them in February and they've been healthy so far. We'll see what happens next winter.


Kroger and Walgreens carry Culturelle.


I also believe in plenty of rest, fresh air, and whole organic foods, along with a good multivitamin.


Take care!

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My new doctor suspected my winter bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia, which I got almost every year, were due to low levels of vitamin D. She tested me, and sure enough, I was very low. I began taking D3 and this is the first year in decades I have not been sick even though my son and husband have been sick several times. You might want to get tested.

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I agree with MBM, low levels of Vitamin D is a major culprit of sickness. They are actually finding out now that vitamin D is more important for colds and flus than Vitamin C. Get your children out in the sunshine or you can find some childrens vitamin d. Just make sure it is vitamin D3.

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