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Physics and/or Chemistry Curriculum choices?


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Just wondering what people have used to teach either of these subjects at the 3rd-5th grade level.


Was it interesting?

Easy to use?

Great experiments?

Did you need a kit or could you find the stuff around the house?

How much?

How long did it last you? Did you do it weekly, daily, or what?

Where did you buy it?

Is it a book, curriculum, guide, text?


Just wondering what is out there. My oldest wants more experiments and I really want something that is easy to use. Thanks.:001_smile:

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We have been very pleased with Noeo Chem I and Physics I. We are trying to build a decent home library, so I don't really mind the expense because we get excellent books that get read and re-read. The ease of use is also very appealing to me. I think that if I had to put it all together, science would tend to get dropped.

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Thanks so far. I have My Pals are Here and her main complaint is the lack of science experiments. I will check out NOEO. I've been afraid of them because of the price tag and the fact that we tend to burn through living book science pretty quickly. We did Sonlight Science K in about a month.


I've looked at RS4K and thought that even though it looked good that we would finish it very quickly.



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