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R&S-3 vs (fill in the blank)

Laurie in VA

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OK - I am 99% sure that I am getting R&S-3 for the fall (to follow FLL). Before I commit fully, a question or two ;)


Is R&S considered the most rigorous of the curricula? I really want a program this is heavy on grammar. I had only two years of grammar that I can remember (the last being in 8th grade), and I really want the girls to have a full understanding of English grammar.


Is there another program out there that is less "dry", but still compares with R&S? DD would like the looks of Galore Park-Jr. English, and I have looked at several others, but still think we should stick with R&S.



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Not here to fill in the blank because I LOVE R&S English and think it's great. I don't think it's dry (based on my definition of dry). Go with your decision (99% sure is a pretty strong lean ;)). There's too much out there to compare it all - you'll drive yourself crazy! R&S is a solid, strong and excellent grammar program.



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Aside from Ellie, I am probably the next official R&S fan on this board. Ellie has had more experience with the programs they offer, and she has already graduated her children. I'm still struggling through our homeschool journey.


Do I think R&S is rigorous? Yes. Is there another program just as rigorous? Probably so; it will depend on who you ask.


When trying to find the best program for our homeschool, I research all of the options out there. I try to get my hands on as many programs that I can, and I make the best decision that I think will work for us. Even though, I have found that regardless of what I pick, the grass always seems greener in someone else's post. If I know that my boys are learning with the curricula that I have chosen, and I am able to teach the curricula that I have chosen, then I don't make a change (anymore).


You will probably get a whole list of grammar programs that you can use in place of R&S. That's the wonderful part about homeschooling today. There are choices out there for us, and if we need to make a change, we can.


I would suggest that you call R&S to get a 3rd grade curriculum sample which will have examples of their grammar program. If there's another program you are interested in, go on-line or to a local bookstore or a homeschool convention and review the programs. List all of the pros and cons for your homeschool. Once you have all of the information, you can made an informed decision on what will work best for you and your daughters.


I can tell you that I think R&S is the best grammar program out there. We've used it for 4 years now, and I've seen a strong grammar foundation being developed in my boys. Is it dry? I guess so. Most people say that, but can grammar really be that exciting? For us it works. However, you'll need to decide if it will work for you though.


The great part about being a homeschool teacher now for 5 years is that I can generally read a little bit about a new program and know whether or not it will work in our homeschool. Sometimes I'll research it more because it sounds really good, but my first impression is usually right. The decisions do get easier with time, but I still make mistakes. The great thing is that I can resell the item and start the process over.



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You know, you are both right. I guess the grass is always greener and I am just driving myself crazy looking at every single option. My gosh, I have several pages of notes on the different grammar curricula out there, LOL. Maybe if I'd spend less time on all of this researching I'd have time to play catch-up in DDs studies...


OK - so R&S is still my choice :D

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