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Science: Adventures with Atoms and Molecules vs Real Science 4 Real Kids? m...

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I am thinking about switching from Adventures with Atoms and Molecules (as recommended in TWTM) to Real Science 4 Real Kids sets. They are pretty expensive to get the whole set, so I wanted to get some opinions on what you use, why you use it, which you like better, etc.


Honestly, I don't have a real problem with Aw/A&M (other that being a bit brief, from which it redeems itself by being concise and simple, if that makes any sense!). But the RS4RK was brought to my attention and it looks GOOD. It looks more interesting, more in depth (yet concise), and more worth our while in time spent. I have a math/science oriented kiddo whom I believe would enjoy this. It is worth the switch?


Thanks in advance!

- Stacey in MA

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For chemistry, yes, it's worth the switch. Or, since you already have AAM, you could use both - RS4K chemistry is a short program. It *is* excellent. We loved it, and my boys learned a great deal.


General opinion is that the RS4K physics isn't quite as good, and the biology is the weakest of the three. But I can certainly vouch for the chemistry.

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I had to groan about the price of Realscience4kids sets. YEOUCH!!! :eek: It is well worth the switch. We used it for our co-op so the teacher bought the book and we bought the student text. So that cut our cost drastically.


One way to cut cost is to try to find 2 other families to do it with you then you can split the cost 3 ways. Just an option.


I really like program. It is much better than Adventures books. If money was an issue then I would stick with Adventures and supplement with library books/videos/websites. Not an issue? Then go for it because it is worth it.


I would only do this for Chemistry though.




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