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What would be a good birthday gift for a 5 yr. old boy that I can send

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No Stress Chess? It was recommended by several people here, and I bought it, and we love it. 5 yo understands how all the pieces move and is now happy to play regular chess (which you can play with the same board, just turn it over and don't use the cards), and 3 yo doesn't quite get how the pieces move yet, but he likes to set up the board. It's been our go-to gift for all the 5 yo's friends lately.

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My son got a Ant Farm for his birthday....the kind that lights up..he (and the rest of us too!) loves it! We check to see what the ants have done everyday. Plus since it lights up in this cool blue glow, he uses it as a nightlight (I unplug once he is asleep). We had to order the ants seperately, but only cost a few dollars, so you could do that too. Fat Brain toys had the best price.

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Hyper Dash is a game my kids got for Christmas, and it has been a big hit. It requires quick thinking and physical movement, can be played indoors in a small space (even on a table top) or outdoors spread around the yard or driveway, and can be played by one player alone or up to four individuals.


The kids have really enjoyed it -- and it's a game I had never heard of!

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....to "Highlights High Five" (for 5 year olds). We have been enjoying that together and she likes getting something in the mail with her name on it! She has mentioned that it's "too easy", but yet she still enjoys it. The next step up would be Highlights.






Good luck and happy shopping! :-)


- Stacey in Ma

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