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CLE LA without the Reading...

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If I were to use CLE without the reading program they make, will we be missing some wonderful element of the LA program?


I am planning on doing DITHOR with my older ds who is doing LA 300 right now and will finish this summer (fast tracking through it for review). I was thinking of starting my younger on CLE LA 100 with the CLE Reading 100 and then just transitioning him over to DITHOR in 2nd grade. Would this be just goofy?

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No, I don't think you would be missing anything at all. I used Reading and LA from CLE last year and they were seperate programs. By that I mean that they did not really relate to each other. Your LA would cover your grammar, writing, handwriting, and spelling. The reading just covered comprehension and story elements. You would get that from your DITHOR program, so you would not be missing anything.:)

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