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What do you think of DK biographies?

Ali in OR

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I just saw these at Borders this weekend and ended up with the Laura Ingalls Wilder bio in my pile. Our local store has their Educator's Discount through tomorrow, and I'm trying to decide if I should go back and get some more. Wondering if anyone has used them and what you think. I will try to pry the Laura Ingalls one out of dd's hands tonight to get a better idea, but I like what I've seen at a quick glance.


The book is paperback, sized like a small novel, 123 pages, has photos on most every page. They also had books on Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt and we're studying them next year. I know they had Washington and Lincoln too. Anyway, just wonder if anyone else has used them and formed an opinion. Thanks. (link to Amazon's Eleanor Roosevelt below)



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