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Need ideas for a birthday present for a 6 y/o girl....

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are the three things my daughter is wild about right now. I always love giving books, and my daughter loves getting them!


You could always go with a CD of Hannah Montana or other tween-girl band...lots of girls that age love to belt one out, LOL.


As for toys, sadly Barbie and American Girl rule the roost here.


Good luck!

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Unless you *know* what this particular little girl is "into", I would avoid giving heavily "branded" items. You run the risk of introducing something the parents are avoiding, or that just isn't a feature in this girl's life...


I'd lean toward art supplies like pretty notebooks or small scrapbooks and accessories. An art or craft "kit". "Exploration" tools like a magnifying glass, small binoculars, compass or flashlight.


When in doubt, ask the mom for suggestions. There may be a book series that the little girl is collecting, or a character she's wild about.

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A few ideas that seem to have been a big hit with her and her friends:


-frilly art supplies - feathered pens, glitter felts, fancy stickers etc.

-beads and beading supplies

-craft supplies- decorate your own jewellery box etc.

-scrapbook accessories


As impersonal as it sounds, my dd's favourite present lately was a gift card that she received for the local book store. She LOVED the freedom of being able to go to the book store and pick out whatever books she wanted- w/o Mommy saying, "no, we can get that from the library." :rolleyes: She got that a few months ago and still talks about how it was the BEST gift ever.

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