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So, if you wanted to attend Weight Watchers, budget was an issue but your Flexible...

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Medical Spending Account company will pay for WW if you get an Rx for it, would you pursue that?


They likely pay if I get an Rx. My dr.'s office nurse says "We've never done that. But I'll talk to him."


I was there last August for hair loss/thyroid testing. On paper, I am obese (I don't *feel* obese, btw. Overweight, certainly, but not obese as a size 16.


I don't know. Techinically, the spending account is our money. It should go to the health related activities we choose. It's a lot cheaper than weight loss surgery.

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...better check into it before you pay. Technically it IS your money, but the concept of pre-tax expenses is set up by the Federal government, and they, in the end, determine what it can be used for and what it can't be used for. WW by itself is not a allowable expense, but with a Dr's RX, not sure. I am thinking that it has to be a medical Weight loss plan, ie with a Dr overseeing it (actually running it, not just prescribing it), and WW would not qualify.


Something to check into. I know my FSA does not pay for WW, and I have had a few different ones via different employers, and everything that was covered didn't change much from employer to employer.

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Guest Katia
On paper, I am obese (I don't *feel* obese, btw. Overweight, certainly, but not obese as a size 16.


Oh.my.goodness. Size 16 is obese? :confused: Yowzers!


I lost 110 pounds (five years ago) and thought I was slim and svelte when I fit into a size 16! And, yep, I've gained some back and am a size 18- 20ish...but I still don't feel obese. :D


Now, when I was a size 28-30 (4X)......absolutely. That was definitely obese.


Honey, size 16 is normal. Ignore that paper. Lose some weight if you need to, to feel better......but......obese? Nope. Not you.


And yes, I'd use the Rx to get the insurance for the WW if they covered it and consider it a good choice. You do what works to pay for it, and you do what works for you to loose it.

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