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Just annoyed with my doctor and thyroid stuff...

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I've been hypthyroid for, gosh, 15 years or more. Not really bad symptoms, I guess, mainly weight gain (argh), some hair loss (which has improved since I started using Armour). I'm just frustrated with the weight gain. I'm pretty sure I'm not a glutton, but maybe I am. :glare:


So, last August I had labs done, just TSH. It was 0.1. Supposedly that's overmedicated. The doctor suggested that I watch out symptoms such as continued weight loss (:confused:), decereased need for sleep, feeling hot at room temperature, and palpitations/feeling jittery. Uh, no, none of the above.


I went in last week for labs again, but this time I had them do the whole schmeer. And I had to argue with the physician's assistant over that. Hello, I've *gained* 5lb since last August. I do NOT have any of the other symptoms. How can I be overmedicated?:confused: So the labs came back--I can't tell you what the results are because when her assistant called she said something I don't even understand, althought I inferred that they were "normal." Good grief. What happened to being overmedicated?? But she's sending me a copy of the results. And I said, "So, is the PA writing me another prescription?" She says, "Oh, do you need one?" ARGH. So she'll get a message to the PA that yes, for goodness' sake, I need a prescription.


When I get them, I'm going to start looking for a naturapath. Hmph.

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Are you at an endocrinologist? If not, head there.


I've been overmedicated several times, and often don't have signs of it. Sometimes my only clue is that I notice I'm talkingreallyreallyfastalllthetime!!! It's then thatI realize I've been on fast-forward for a while. :)


But if you're gaining weight that *might* have resolved some of being overmedicated. So might taking vitamin or iron supplements within 4 hours of not taking your thyroid meds. Or not waiting an hour before you eat. Or missing a day here or there.


It's been my experience that GPs or family docs aren't the best for thyroid treatment. I'd recommend seeing an endocrinologist.

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And my experience with 2 endocrynologists is that my hypo symptoms were a sign that I needed a psychiatrist, not thyroid meds. I went to another doctor who specializes in more natural approaches to endocrine disorders (his practice is mostly people who are "fed up with doctors who don't listen.") He looks very closely at the body chemistry and individualizes treatment, recognizing that normal for one person is not normal for another. I have been in thyroid meds for 2 years and have noticed improvement. He checks my levels 4 times a year because my threshold is much more narrow than others.

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My mother has been on synthroid for 20+ years. About 4 years ago, she had to change doctors and her new doctor said she was over-medicated and her thyroid was testing within the normal range. She cut her synthroid dose in half.


Within a few months, my mother started to gain weight, lose sleep and was quite irritable. It affected her health, her ability to think clearly. She reverted back to the person she was prior to her diagnosis. I was a teenager at the time and don't have many good memories of her during that time.


I kept telling her to go to another doctor. Her doctor kept telling her her symptoms were due to her age (60+). The second endo she went to told her "to live with it." So she did. Sixty pounds later, she finally tried another doctor.


This doctor is her savior. He told her that he would treat the symptoms, not treat her based on some range/test. He upped her synthroid and added a booster. Within a week, she was back to her old self (patient, focused). She works out 4+ times a week (never had energy before) and has lost her 60 lbs.


Again, try another doctor.




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I went in 2 1/2 weeks ago, thinking something had changed and my dosage that worked for a year was now too much. Doctor agreed that it sounded like it, did bloodwork, cut my dosage in half.


I still feel horrendous. Not sleeping AT all. Last night, I slept from 11:30 to 12:30 and then again from 5:30 until 7:30. I'm having anxiety issues. My head will not stop thinking to let me sleep. Heart palpitations are reduced, but still happening. Digestive system is still running in overdrive.


It's frustrating, because I was feeling FABULOUS...until January/February. Now, I'm back to being grumpy. I know I'm grumpy. I know I'm tired. I just can't seem to get life going in a good flow.


My poor kids.


No real advice. Just some understanding......

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((hugs)). If you are overmedicated, I would think you would know. I got a real buzz postpartum with my last pregnancy because they left me on the same dose for like 8 weeks postpartum as I had been pregnant. I had a headache, and was very lacking in patience (snapped easily).

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I just wanted to throw in my two cents. I have had Hashimoto's for the past 5 years. I have also had bouts with hyperthyroidism as well. (Weird, I know.) They thought I had Grave's initially because it runs in my family.


Anyway, I have the most awesome endocrinologists. If you aren't being treated by an endo, I would highly recommend it. I spent the first few years being treated by regular docs and what a difference it has made switching. Also, if you have a goiter, my endocrinologist says that you need to have a TSH of .03 or as close to it as they can get, while keeping your FT4 and FT3 within normal ranges. He told that eventually my thyroid will quit working altogether so they want it work as little as possible (if that makes sense).


I can tell you that if you were experiencing "hyper" symptoms, you would know it. I would shake, have crazy anxiety, heart palpatations, pulse 120+. It was nuts and will make you feel nuts.


I hope they get you feeling better. I know it's really tough, especially dealing with weight issues. It seems like I have to work twice as hard as everyone else. :glare:





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