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Breaded Chicken Nuggets - Help!

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I have a bag of frozen breaded chicken nuggets and I do NOT want to deep fry them. We have actually never had these before, and I am wondering if anyone has a good, quick, simple recipe for these. I'd prefer to bake, but stove top is okay, too - just don't want fried.:tongue_smilie: Any suggestions? TIA!:)

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I always put frozen nuggets in the oven. I've never fried them. I sometimes microwave them too, but they come out much better in the oven.


Do you just bake them plain? Or do you add anything with or to them? How long do you bake them? Thanks!

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Bake them and serve with warmed marinara sauce w/ fresh parm cheese or ranch dressing. Yum :001_smile:


Thanks! This sounds good! I never thought of a ranch dressing.

This also reminded me of how I sometimes bake skinless chicken breasts - put in a baking bag (in a baking dish) with barbecue sauce, poke some holes in bag, bake for an hour. Would this work with the nuggets??? I guess what is throwing me is the breaded part . . . :confused:

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