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To do a history rotation in three, rather than four years, how would you split it?


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Grade 6 - ancient & medieval w/ SOTW 1 & 2 with Sonlight 6; IEW History - some of ancient and medieval writing


Grade 7 - SOTW 3 w/ Geo. Washington's World & Abe Lincoln's World; IEW US History Based WRiting Lessons, V.1


Grade 8 - SOTW 4; IEW US History Based Writing, V2

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I'm planning something sort of similar; I want to do world history in 5, 6, and 7, and then one year of straight American history in 8. I just took the number of weeks (108) and divided by 4 - which gives 27 weeks (more or less) to spend on each 'part' of history. I don't have it fleshed out much more than that since I still have over a year to finalize my plans (thank goodness!).

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As a spine Power Basics World History covers world history in 3 years.

World History 1- earliest history through the middle ages

World History 2- Renaissance through Imperialism

World History 3- 20th Century History


Unlike SOTW it covers history by region, so for example all the lessons on Greeks are together. Also, unlike SOTW it is written to cover the basics of junior high/ senior high senior high level history. The student books are meant for the student to read and are written at about a 4th grade reading level. There is also a workbook, teacher's guide, and tests. The books are about the same length and width as SOTW and like SOTW the books do not contain pictures. These books could work for middle school in a fashion similar to SOTW in elementary school, but they would leave 8th grade for US history.


RR sells them, but the Walch website has great examples of the student book, workbook, teacher's guide, and tests.




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My now senior did a three year rotation in 7th, 8th, and 9th grades. I broke it down:


Pre-history to 500AD

500AD to 1700AD

1700AD to 2000AD


We were on a strict budget those years, so I cobbled together materials myself from various reading lists, etc. If you're interested in seeing the book/material lists we used, send me a personal message and I'll send them to you.




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