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Can we talked boxed curriculum??


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I know...gasp:eek:

If you were going to go with a boxed curriculum which one would you choose and why?


I am thinking this may be the best choice for DD next year. The reason being, I want something all planned out, I just don't have it in me to plan everything out. I also feel like she isn't doing enough now. I also need dd to be more accountable in getting things done.


If it helps dd will be in 7th grade.

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My oldest is using the ABeka DVD Academy and I've used Calvert in the past with both.


There are quite a few options available now. Are you looking for secular or a religious based program and do you want the school to be accredited?


I've got a pretty big list for high school I could post if you like. I also think the back of The Well Trained Mind lists many of your options with links and numbers under sources.

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We are using k12 everything except math for 6th grade and I am really enjoying it. We do it consumer direct and I am very glad to not have someone looking over my shoulder. There's a nice mix of things that ds can do mostly independently along with things we need to do or at least discuss together. It's quite rigorous and thorough. There is a nice mix of online work, book or worksheet work, and written response work. I started k12 out of a feeling that I was failing to provide the level of organization and consistency that ds needed. I thought k12 would be a temporary fix while I pulled myself together, but I like it so much that I am now planning to use it at least through 8th grade. I looked through the scope and sequence for the classes in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades and the progression of the material makes complete sense and I really see where we are going with what he is learning and how it is preparing him for high school and college level work. I am extremely pleased with the program.

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I'm dividing my kids for the first time ever in most subjects, but we'll be doing Beautiful Feet's Geography program together and some other read-alouds. My younger one will be in Classical Conversations again, but she will do CLE math, reading, social studies, and science. I also have a schedule of novels for her to read, and she'll start Latin. My older one will be in CC's Challenge Program, and thus has most of his program set.


At first I was kind of sad about it, but it's time for us in many ways. We've used CLE for several years for both reading and math. Both will be in the Logic Stage, so it's a good time for the transition.

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The Classical Conversations "Challenge A" program might be a good fit, if there is one near you. Your daughter would go to class once a week for about 6.5 hours. Classes are kept to 12 students. Everything is planned out:

  • Saxon 8/7 or Saxon 1/2
  • Latin's Not So Tough 3 and 4 (fine for a beginner this age)
  • IEW Bible Based Writing
  • Study/discussion of 7 Newberry Novels
  • Natural Science - study of human body systems, plants and animals
  • World Geography - Students learn to draw the entire world, mapping about 240 locations.
  • Biblical worldview discussion/study using "It Couldn't Just Happen" and "Don't Check your Brains at the Door"

As far as I can see, the only thing missing from this program is history. This program continues through high school.


VP Scholars is another great curriculum - definitely college prep material.


Good luck!

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We are going all in a box next year with BJU Dvd's or online. This will be 4th and 6th graders.


There was a time when I would have been absolutely horrified at the thought of not doing a literature based, Mom intensive, student interest led, unit studylike program. However, life has intervened and reality is much different than my ideal. I need help, and I'm not ashamed to ask! :D


No suggestions here, but I think that it is a wise idea for moms to plan a "lighter" year in between several more intense years. Maybe that would aliviate (sp??) some of the burnout we experience.

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Well, I've been using A Beka totally for Kinder with my boys and I like it. It's very user friendly. Although you have to be careful not to become a "slave" to it. I'm will be using A Beka's phonics/language arts and math program next year, but I wasn't altogether thrilled with their science book, or their history/social studies. Too lightweight. I ordered BJU's Heritage Studies 1 and am teeter-tottering between that and doing SOTW 1. I really like BJU's curriculum, it's much more in depth than A Beka's and I love that it has a lot of geography and map studies, but I am a firm believer in teaching history using a more biographical approach, i.e. teaching about the people rather than just events. People are much more interesting, and BJU's book is pretty typical in its presentation. Of course, I've thought about using BJU and then when we come across historical figures going off on a tangent. So, today it's SOTW 1, tomorrow it'll probably be BJU. I like them both, but there's no real way to combine them, so I think it'll probably be one or the other. I have a few months to figure it out. Sorry for such a lengthy answer.

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Heart of Dakota. :) They are a "boxed curriculum" where you get to PICK AND CHOOSE! You just can't beat that! You can pick math on your child's level and it does not have to be the same level for English or read alouds. It is mix and match curriculum in a box. History, Science, Bible, and Reading are all these wornderful living books! We are starting the History and Science this coming fall and then I will likely transition to HOD for everything in the coming years....other than LA (they use R&S) and writing - for LA, I prefer CLE for the older, WP LA for the younger and for writing, they are both starting WWE.

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We used BJU 5 complete this year. Since it was my first year to homeschool I wanted something to help get my feet wet, so to speak. It has worked very well for us. I liked that everything was planned out and it kept us on task. I'm changing things up a bit next year but will still be using some BJU texts.

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You might like Heart of Dakota's newest guide Hearts For Him Through Time: Creation to Christ. You would need to add the extension pack since you ahve a 7th grader. Much would be independent, similar to the more textbook curriculums. Everything is included, so it's very "boxed curriculum" like, but still has a classical/charlotte mason feel to it, plus it's ALL planned out for you and your dd. No need to add ANYTHING to it and you can get it all at one place. A new guide will come out each year so you'd have it for 3 years after this one. (It's a 4 yr history cycle) Let me know if you have any questions about it!

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I really like BJU's curriculum, it's much more in depth than A Beka's and I love that it has a lot of geography and map studies, but I am a firm believer in teaching history using a more biographical approach, i.e. teaching about the people rather than just events. People are much more interesting, and BJU's book is pretty typical in its presentation.


The BJU teacher's manual offers a lot more information than is found in the student book, so that may help you. We use the DVD program, and it's a lot richer than using the book on its own. There is also a notebooking-type worktext that goes along with Heritage Studies, and some kids really enjoy that. There are also tests available, if you're at all interested in testing. We're not talking about long essay exams here -- just a page or two of basic questions and answers, often true/false, multiple choice, and matching.


I have to say that while I originally thought BJU Heritage was pretty light, I'm surprised at how much my ds remembers about it, and how much he enjoys learning about history as a result of the DVD classes.



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Would you please post your high school list? My dd is going into 8th grade so we're beginning to think about high school.


Julie in MO


Here is my old list, we changed computers and I'm still trying to recover my files. It is in no particular order and far from complete, but a good start on whats available.;)




American School

2200 E. 170th Street

Lansing, IL 60438



Indiana University High School

Owen Hall 001

790 E. Kirkwood Avenue

Bloomington, IN 47405-7101




Keystone National High School

420 West 5th Street

Bloomsburg, PA 17815




North Dakota Division of Independent Study

State University Station

P. O. Box 5036

Fargo, ND 58105-5036




Texas Tech University High School Guided Study

P. O. Box 42191

Lubbock, TX 79409-2191




University of Nebraska-Lincoln Independent Study High School

Division of Continuing Studies

269 Nebraska Center for Continuing Education

33 and Holdredge Streets

Lincoln, NE 68583-9400




Bridgway http://www.homeschoolacademy.com/

ABeka Book Inc. http://www.abeka.com

Bob Jones http://www.bjupress.com

Covenant Home http://www.covenanthome.com

Christian Liberty Academy 847-259-4444 http://www.christianlibertyacademycom

Seton http://www.setonhome.org/

Kolbe http://www.kolbe.org

Mother of Divine Grace School http://www.motherofdivinegrace.org

Oak Meadow http://www.oakmeadow.com

ACE Accelerated Christian Education http://www.aceministries.com

NorthStar Academy http://www.northstar-academy.org

BYU Independent Study http://www.elearn.byu.edu


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It sounds like K12 would fit you very well. The plans are so well done, easy to follow, and thorough. The curriculum is 1st class. It's not literature based, but it includes great literature with an excellent literature program, which includes literary analysis and response.


I have written several posts about K12 in detail, which you can find if you look up "all posts" under my name.

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I'm going sonlight for history and lit myself next year, but I still plan to use BJU for science. If I was going for a curriculum in a box, I switch everything over to them. I find their materials very readable and the curriculum certainly gets you to college prep levels. No guilt necessary.

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