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Momof7 (and others who have used Horizons all the way through...)


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is it necessary to supplement Horizons with any other programs? So many on the boards use multiple math programs. I am wondering if I should beef up our math a little by supplementing Horizons.


I have read several of your posts saying you felt Horizons gave your child a solid background for higher level math. Did you ever supplement?


Thanks so much in advance!

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Not really. There have been occassions when the books have moved too fast for some of my kids. (the 3rd grade book and multiplication leaps out in my memory) At those points, I have simply closed the books for a couple of weeks and used different approaches to aid quicker memorization, etc. (Math-It is one of my old standards for addition and multiplication. We do play a lot of games, especially cards. I think games like canasta are excellent in developing strategy....a huge building block for solving math problems)


As far as supplementing with programs like Singapore, etc. No. My oldest was in something like 6th grade when SM first made its debut on the homeschool market. I bought all the levels after reading about their difficulty, etc. We sat down with the books and he breezed through them. The only concept he hadn't mastered was rate x time = distance. It is a concept not taught in Horizons. (It was one of the first things he learned in algebra)


He didn't solve anything the SM way, though. Everything was done via algebra skills. Horizons does an excellent job of building algebra concepts throughout the program. By the time they finish the 6th grade book, they have mastered the majority of all pre-alg skills. My kids have all ben ready mathematically for alg in 7th grade (or after finishing the 6th grade book.....one finished that in 4th grade, my current 3rd grader is 1 yr ahead currently in the 4th grade books.)


Does that help?

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It actually helps a lot and makes me rest easier in the decision I've made to stick with Horizons. That's what I love about these boards; I've been relieved to see how you and few other moms have spoken of how well Horizons has prepared your dc. Where else can I get the opinions of so many moms who have btdt? Thanks very much for your time again. I truly appreciate it! Have a great week.



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What is Canasta?



Canasta is a card game that requires quite of bit of strategy (as well as addition!) My kids typically have the game mastered by age 7-8 (but their strategy is still developing!!)


It is one of many different card games we really enjoy. Manuevers is another high strategy game. (I couldn't find it titled this. It looks like carousel rummy on this site, though I only skimmed the directions. We also really enjoy Shanghai Rummy. (we play like on the wiki site, not the other one.)





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