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Chemistry for Highschool

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How does this look for a Chemistry class aimed at taking the SAT II at the end of next yesr (ds will be in 10th grade)


Spectrum Chemistry

Singapore "o" Level Chemistry Matters

Bridge Math Prior to starting Chem.

Teaching Co. Chemistry HS DVD



He will probably read through a SAT II prep book and do some on-line labs and such as time and interest permits.


Thank ou!



PS He will be taking Alg II (Structure and Method) Next year.

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I considered the Spectrum Chemistry for my dd but switched to a co-op class using Chemistry: the Central Science. I may still use Spectrum with my younger dd as we really like the chemistry/physics year of Rainbow Science.


I can heartily recommend the Bridge Math program prior to starting chemistry. DD says it was invaluable.


I'm not familiar with Singapore's chemistry course but almost any Teaching Company course wins high marks with me although the high school ones we've watched seem rather hokey to us (World History and How to be a Superstar Student).



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The Teaching Company World History is a little lame - My 6th grader is watching them this year and enjoys them. But either series (WH or American) are a lot below most homeschoolers in high school IMO.


We have the Alg I series. It is a whole new ball game comared to the HS history courses. We are really enjoying them - though you really need a TI-83 /84 graphing calculator to get the most out of it as all the examples are done using the TI. My sone has an HP calculator- I am going to get him a TI though because every book I have seen using the TI. This was something I could not get through grandma's head when she insisted on the HP.... BUt that is another story.


Unless I hear from someone who thinks my plans for chemistry are crazy -

I will use the Spectrum, the bridge, Singapore, Teaching company videos and some SAT prep book.


Or if someone has a chemistry program they just absolutely love - except for Appologia.......



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