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Is SOTW Vol. 3 going to come out in a revised edition soon?


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I am sorry if this has been asked and answered recently. I did a search and couldn't find anything either on this board or on Google.


Is SOTW 3 going to be revised? I am getting close to making next year's purchases but if there is to be a revision soon I'd much rather wait for the revised edition before purchasing. Last year I waited until Vol. 2 Revised came out so I was just wondering.


Anyone in the know?

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I just started a new thread regarding the difference between the original vs. the revised editions of SOTW. Could you tell me why you think the revised are so much better? I noticed that there is a clearance right now at Peacehillpress for the originals, so I am trying to decide whether to buy SOTW 1 original or revised.





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I have found no reason to use the revised editions.


I think the maps are okay and my boys don't do the coloring pages anyway.


I think I did hear that the pronunciation keys are more accesible in the new additions. If that is true it could be a big help, especially with all the strange names in vol. 1. I also would appreiciate the biblical stories being marked as such.


But I feel like homeschooling is one of the ways that I can keep my kids education "green" and changing texts because of these slight differences seems like a waste in many ways. I hope that my current 7 mo. old is able to use many of the same resources my older boys are using now.

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