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Long shot: What happened to P.D. James's Cordelia Gray..

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I think there are only two:

An Unsuitable Job for a Woman

The Skull Beneath the Skin


I have been lukewarm on Dalgliesh lately as well. Have you been reading Elizabeth George's Inspector Lynley series?


The Private Patient was pointless.


I didn't read but listened to Careless in Red. I really liked it. It was a nice departure from the pedophile story lines. I didn't bother with the one after Helen's death. Personal protest to writing her off.

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Have you been reading Elizabeth George's Inspector Lynley series?


This is one series of books that I have actually bought the hardcover books as soon as they came out. I love them! The only problem is then you have to wait even longer for the next book it seems. What's wrong with these writers, don't they know people are hanging on their every word??? :tongue_smilie:


eta: I put off reading the one after Helen's death, What Came Before He Shot Her, for a long time. I finally read it a few months ago and really enjoyed it. Well, that's not exactly the right word, it was heartbreaking, but it was so true. I had expected it to be a bashing of the social systems, but it really didn't. All of the social systems in the world can't help in some situations was the point I took from the book.

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