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Cover letter when submitting transcript to local CC....HELP!

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My ds is going to the local community college, and we need to submit his transcript (which is already done, just one page).


What do I include in the cover letter? Anybody have a sample they're willing to share? I'd like to mention some of the non/extra-curricular activities he's been involved in that are not listed or mentioned on the transcript. Is this appropriate?? The CC will accept him regardless, but I'd like them to have it in their records. Plus he'll be transferring to a 4-year college when he's finished, so I'll need it for them, too.



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I don't think I sent any kind of cover letter with ds's transcript when he applied to cc. I *think* I sent a memo that detailed what was enclosed in the package (please contact me with questions, that sort of thing). That's really all I sent with his university apps as well. (He got it, so it must have been OK!)

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