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Old post (from old board) of ways to prepare for Logic?

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I was intrigued, so I did a little poking around on the old site. This post seems like it fit your description:



Tina in Ouray:

I have a fourth grader, too! My approach to the next couple of years with him will be to work hard in grammar, Latin, and mathematics and to begin teaching formal logic as a subject of its own in 7th or 8th grade. Though I've used some of the logic workbooks in the past, I don't think any of them are necessary or even advisable. Grammar and mathematics themselves are a far better use of our time.


But that's not to say that I don't slip in a fair amount of preparatory work on the sly. I'm working hard at exposing him to a lot of the lingo that he will encounter later in a logic textbook. For example, he's already becoming familiar with univocal, equivocal, and analagous terms; we discuss how we use words differently (signification); categories of things and Euler's circles are finding their way into our studies and onto our whiteboard; he's learning that certain kinds of statements have a truth value (are true or false) but that arguments are not true or false but valid or invalid ; etc. None of this is in the context of an organized class, study, or subject. It happens: a little here, a little there. Some of it is in conversation over meals; some of it is in the course of work in grammar or mathematics; some of it is a result of what we happen to be reading for (history of) science or history or literature; some of it is in answer to questions he raises; some of it even comes out in the heat of debate.


If your student really thrives on logic workbooks, go for it. Just don't feel like a logic program is necessary for students at this age. What they really need is to grow up a little bit. If they grow up with good stories, stimulating conversations, and lots of fresh air, they'll do fine later on when it's time to tackle the form of arguments.



Is this it?

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