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Judo/jiu-jitsu moms...

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Jiu-jistu but I want to know the judo side as well. The class I do covers both.


I've got no idea how Jiu-jitsu is scored.


But Judo is scored like this:


I should mention Judo scoring recently changed and Koka was dropped. Now we're left with Yuko, Wazari, and Ippon.


At the scoring table there is a score card for each competitor. The easy way to read the score is by reading the scores like a number, and the person with the higher number is winning. On the score card the Wazari would be in the 100s spot and the Yuko in the 10s spot (Koka used to be in the 1s spot). So a person with 1 Wazari would beat the person with 3 Yukos. 2 Wazaris equal an Ippon, and the match would be over. You can also win a match on an Ippon throw.


An Ippon throw is a throw of great force and magnitude and the opponent lands hard on his back. You typically know when you've been thrown for an Ippon.


A Wazari throw is one of less force, and the opponent lands on his back.


A Yuko throw is one where the opponent lands maybe on his bottom and then on his back.


It's very subjective, and refs score differently. There are two corner judges for each match, as well as the main ref and they can disagree with his score and get it changed.


You can also win a match by pinning your opponent for 25 seconds, or getting them to submit through an armbar or choke.


Matching last 3 or 5 minutes, depending on age and rank.


We have a tournament coming up this Saturday. I won't be competing, but my 4 oldest boys will be. I'll be running brackets.


Here's a good link.

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I am considering competing. Can you fill me on how this works? I've only just started but I think I could do it and not die. I don't get this whole points thing, yet. If just your kids have gone, I would like to know about what you saw while you were there.





Take down (any kind) is 4 points (you have to control the person on the ground- you can't just take them down, you have to have control)

Mount is 4 points

side mount is 3 points

Escape the guard is 2 points


My boy just competed 2 weeks ago (his first competion :D), and they still used the same point system.

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