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Has anyone used Visualize World Geography?

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A good friend of mine has used it with her kids and loves it. I'm going to use it next year to supplement the geography in SL Core 5. It seems to be very easy to use.

Have you looked at the samples at

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[quote name='Caia']Has anyone used this or have an opinion on it?[/QUOTE]

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Green"]I bought it and then sold it. The resources where great, lots of info on the CD, but I should have listened to that voice that said, "I don't know about this," before I bought it.

Mostly it is a problem with the way I like doing geography first. Which is integrated into history (thus TOG), second it was too high on the hokey scale for me. The kids may have loved it, but there were about three of the pictures used that were of her kids, like a kid playing soccer. I was concerned the kids wouldn't connect with those. Then I got to reading stuff on how when you recall things memorized in singing/rhyme that you have to sing them. These were not my sort of rhymes that I wanted to know for years to come, KWIM? It was just too silly for my tastes.

But I bet the program does work if you can get past those issues.

I did contact the author to ask some questions before I purchased and she was very helpful.



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