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BSG usrs-do you use the student pages?


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We use both. I've found it takes 2 days at about 30 min. apiece to use both, so we get 2 lessons done per week (we do school 4 days/wek).


On day 1 of the lesson we do the drill activities, review questions, read through the text, and answer the questions about the text. We also do our mapwork as we come across the different places in the text. (We have the big map on the wall.) We used to sing the songs, but I've misplaced one of the CDs.:tongue_smilie:


On day 2 we go through the student activity pages. I have 1 doing the advanced, 2 doing the intermediate, and 2 doing the beginning pages. I think if the younger 2 could read and do them on their own it would go much faster and we actually could get all of it done on one day.;) But alas.... While I help the littles with their pages, the older 3 do theirs (the back side that talks about the text). Then we all do the application sections together since almost always they are on the same verse and application theme.


Oh, I also do the timeline work on Day 2 also.


I would love to figure out a way to complete 1 lesson per day, but I'm not sure how without feeling totally rushed.:confused:

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