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Diagnose this?

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That just kinda happens to me sometimes. The last one I can remember was on the back of my knee. It went away in several hours. I have no idea what causes it.


The only think I can think of is like a blood vessel burst deeper in the skin or maybe just skin irritation - like you scraped up against something and forgot all about it until it got kinda sore.



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it's been days....and is a HUGE area from hip to knee, front and outside of upper leg.



Probably not shingles if you it has been days, although you can get rash negative "zoster pain". Could be referred pain from the back....a kind of sciatica.


Is it along the lines of L4-5 dermatome? Can you get someone to do a 'straight leg lift" on you and see if it elicits the pain?


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Sounds like it could be nerve related.... shingles comes to mind. I think you can have pain for up to a week before you see a rash.


This does happen to me occasionally, it will feel like I got a carpet burn on my arm or leg, but it usually doesn't cover a very large area and goes away in a day or so.

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I don't know what it is, but I've had a similar problem for several years. It started for me as a band of pain around a thigh, then around upper arms (just one at a time), and over time it progressed to other areas. It's always in a band around a joint (knee, elbow, wrist) or very near a glandular area such as the thigh. I've called it "shingles" because I think it might be related.


What I've used to treat it: a cold-cream like product called Tea Tree and E Antiseptic Creme, by a company called Derma E. I get it at my local organic foods coop. Tea tree oil is a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-most-things type product. It might also work in other forms, but this is the one I've used.


Now, I will say that it is exquisitely painful to apply, as whatever this thing is, it's cold sensitive. But once you rub it in, it provides almost immediate and complete relief for a good 12 hours. After applying it for about a day and a half (about 3 times), it generally goes away completely.


I began sitting in a bath of Dead Sea Salts at least a couple of times a week some months ago in order to help alleviate psoriasis/eczema problems I have. Since that time, I've stopped having this problem. I'm not sure that the Dead Sea Salts had anything to do with it - but it seems to be gone and I'd had it for several years. It would go away for about 3 weeks to 3 months and then crop up again. It seemed to be brought on by stress.


Good luck in treating your problem,

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Pamela, I thought this was expected with your autoimmune ailments.


I have had it before too. I never really thought much of it, or did much about it either LOL. I have so much wrong with me that I don't really notice anything unusual, I just assume it is all part of the package.


I hope it isn't shingles or any other scary things. :grouphug:

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I've had skin pain before. I was particularly sensitive to the fan blowing my arm hair or the dog jumping up on me or puppy kisses. But it was different and though painful and worrisome, not so PAINFUL. This hurts just sitting here and is excrutiating when moving (and unfortunately, I HAVE to have clothing on it because of where it is).


My mom is here this weekend and at first she wasn't too concerned but she saw me trying to function with it all day yesterday and things...she has decided I probably need to see a doctor about it or at least talk to my doc about it. She is not one to suggest that lightly, but it's that bad.


I'm going to look up about some of the other things listed in this thread.


How weird.

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I have no idea what it is but I have had this as well. Mine was the entire backside of my body from shoulders to knees. I have very sensitive skin and thought it was just due to extreme dryness. I kept myself rubbed down in benzocaine and then oil and wore very soft clothing and tried not to move too much. It has happened twice and both times it went away after about a week to ten days. Oh and I am very thin so I don't think weight was a contributing factor. I have got to the point where I try not to go to the doctor unless I am actually incapable of fighting off someone who is trying to take me or in so much pain I can't sleep at all so I never did get a diagnosis.

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