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Ideal spelling program?

Lenora in MD

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First, there is text that the student is to copy for 5 days, the same text and there are focuses for each day.


Level A, 3rd grade


Lesson 9

Day 1- When you spell the word world, make the o very clear. One of the first rules of spelling is to listen carefully when a word is spoken. We know that w followed by or says /wer/. Underline the wor in world.

Day 2- Notice that there are only four letters in the word sure.

Day 3- Write in syllables- num ber

Day 4- Write in syllables- hap py

Day 5- Dictation


Lesson 14

Day 1- What letter is not sounded in autumn? Write autumn, using all capital letters.

Day 2- Write sugar as shown: sug' ar

Day 3- Write apple as shown: ap ple'

Day 4- Write gathering as shown: gath er ing

Day 5- Dictation





Level B, 4th grade approx.


Lesson 27

Day 1- What spelling rule would you use to add ing and ed to the word control? Write these 3 words.

Day 2- Write in syllables: pur pose

Day 3- Write in syllables: con dense

Day 4- "Y" at the end of a short word says the long i sound. Write: thy

Day 5- Dictation

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I am looking for something for next year when my currnet 7yo dd first grader will be in second. Also, I have a current 10yo ds 4th grader, who has finally learned to read, but who has struggled with handwriting, so only now is he able to do dictation, and I have never really done spelling with him. What levels would I look at for them? Also, will they eventually cover all the necessary spelling rules?

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You can pay $14.99 for Simply Spelling 3 but I just went ahead and bought the 3-12 book so we can move along as we'd like and how it fits my kids.


You might also want to look at Primary Language Lessons by Emma Serl, we're using the one from http://www.hillsideeducation.com - more information about it:

A Charlotte Mason-style approach with short, easy-to-teach lessons cover English usage, composition, punctuation, poem memorization, oral language skills, letter writing, and dictation. Fables and writings by famous authors such as Robert Louis Stevenson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and William Shakespeare are included. Prominent paintings are included, and used to develop observation and discussion skills. It is not a workbook, but contains a wide variety of oral and written activities that may be used exactly as written or adapted to a child's specific needs and learning style.


It would definitely build handwriting skills in both your children. Dd7 is using it and she loves it. It's for grades 2-3 but it might build your 10yo's confidence and skills before starting spelling but it might not fit your goals. I just thought I would let you know about it.


Hopefully this helps

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Thanks. I actually have pll and I used it with my now 11 yo dd 6th grader. I actually have used fll1 &2 and now 3 for my 10 yo. It was a better fit for him than the pll. He is able to do short dictation sentences now. He also is proficient in narration. He is doing ao year 1 with my 7 yo dd 1st grader. They both narrate for me and that has solidified his skill in this area and given him confidence. He seems to be leaping ahead with regard to his reading and writing skills, finally after so many difficult years. Thinking out loud here, but maybe I need to challenge him a bit with his writing, maybe have him write some sentences on his own and then see where his spelling really is. Thanks, for all your help.

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