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"Keepers at Home"...


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Do you mean the Keepers at Home book where you go through and earn pins? We use it in co-op but not for actual Bible Study purposes.


Or, are you talking about the Keepers Character Series Bible Study that Keepers has? Our Wednesday night children's group did this series for over a year a while ago. The kids enjoyed it. It really got them thinking about the different Character Traits and how we can develoop them. We have not done it at home, but I think it could easily be done that way.

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Ok! My dd was around 12 (I think) when they did the character series. There were around 15 in the class ranging in age from 9 or 10 to 15yo. I know my dd liked it, and it prompted some good discussions. The teacher really enjoyed it.


If you are very home-ec-y the Keepers at Home is fun. Dd does this in co-op and so they go thru a variety of topics in the year. I think that some of the requirements for pins is a little much (it reminds me of a Christian Girl Scouts) and we do modify some. We are also doing the Little Keepers this year with my younger dd. I teach about three littles at co-op. We are having much more fun with it. :D But that's because those projects are easier :D If your dd likes to work towards awards and likes home-ec type projects...and you like to teach it Keepers at Home would be fun to do together.

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