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After a "sick week"--

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Playing catch up will just stress you out, call it a break an pick up where you left off. Finish a week later in your "school year" or just accomplish a little less then you thought you would in your school year. If your kids are anything like mine, then end up learning when they are sick anyway. My kids learned all bout why we have fevers and how germs work and how soap works last week! Wasn't in the "plans" but they were still learning!

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This is when I think homeschooling year round is a real disadvantage. We will never catch this week up. All my spreadsheets will be forever behind.


Not that I'm a slave to a spreadsheet (ahem)....


We go all round too- and this is why I don't plan that far ahead!

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You can plan ahead with year-round, but you have to view it as a progression, not a series of musts. You break your year plan into attainable goals (spring semester, summer term, etc.).


PS. If your plan is so tight a week off messes you up, I suggest you take an extra week off. That way you can REALLY be behind, haha, and will have a chance to edit and see what is essential. Drop something, the world won't fall apart! I dropped an entire model (2 weeks) from WT2, and nobody croaked. We didn't like the story anyway. :)

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If you feel the need to "catch up" I would suggest doubling up on 1 or 2 subjects a day until your back "on schedule" (exa. M: 2 math lessons, T 2 English/grammar lessons, W: 2 history lessons, TH: 2 science lessons etc.) If you stretch this out over several weeks, then you'll have the extra work made up with out having a major overload.


Or another idea would be doing only 1 or 2 diff. subjects per day until you are caught up. Do a weeks worth of science and/or history one day, then catch up math the next, then English etc. You will just have to decide what will work best for you and your dc.

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OhElizabeth--you are radically messing with my poor stuffed up head.

We've been down all week with the flu and it was only today I realized that we could be down another 4 or 5 days. I've never had it before.


Elizabeth has some excellent advice worth revisiting when your head is clear. :)

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