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On-line resources for writing, 7th-9th grade level?

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Do you have any favorite on-line resources for writing assignments? I have found helpful things for my high-schooler by searching on, for example, "writing a precis" or "writing thesis statement".


But so far I'm not having much luck with assignments for my 7th grader. I'm looking for assignments geared toward the 7th-9th grade level.


The only things we have in-home right now are IEW materials (he is *so* sick of adding dress-ups), Rod & Staff (we've always used the grammar but I don't like the writing assignments), and Put That in Writing (too many grammar exercises). So I'm looking for something free or cheap just to keep him writing until we decide on something for next year.



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Both my dc are working on letters to their best friends in another city as I write this!


I printed off the first lesson on imagery. We (7th & 10th grader and I) went over the lesson, and then brainstormed come ideas. Since the 10th grader gets tired of coming up with thesis statements and formal essays all the time, she was excited to do this creative assignment.


I am still searching for some more formal writing assignment resources, for jr-high appropriate essay, book report, and research report formats.

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Just a thought ...


You might see what writing books your library has on hand and browse them for ideas. In particular, look for The Lively Art of Writing by Lucile Vaughan Payne.


Also, if you have a Borders store nearby, it's their educator's discount week (25% off almost everything). The book above retails for $6.99 so could be had for about $5.00 (I think that would count as cheap!)




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