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I finally got a closet installed & I have to do it over

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I took a 3 week break from closet installation while my back healed from part 1.


It is up. Now we have an extra metal strip that would make the closet so much better if it were installed because we could have two columns of shelves.


This closet is for two of my DS. One of them just changed sizes. On each side of the closet are two rods hanging one beneath the other. The larger sized shirts and pants drag on the floor or overlap the rod below.


So now we have to take the whole thing down and raise the horizontal metal strip so there can be more space between the hanging rods, etc. etc.


I am so discouraged. I was not cut out to be a handyman and everything takes forever because I have to learn how to do it and figure everything out by trial and error, and I make a lot of errors.


Shoot me now.

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Well, I for one am extremely impressed that you would even tackle such a project. I'm not a do-it-yourself type person, but luckily DH is. We remodeled our closet with an IKEA system this month, but between DH and DS#1, all I had to do was tell them how many drawers I wanted and where the shoe rack should go. I think I'll go and express my thanks for all of their hard work again.


Keep up your spirits RoughCollie; your almost finished. It's a discouraging setback, but the good thing is that you know how to fix it. Once your done you'll be proud of what you've accomplished, and your sons will be thrilled with their new closet.


Take care,

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