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Please help me name our school

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Hi! I've had a rough school year this year. This was because of me and my frustration in coming up with a plan for both girls and did not really have anything to do with them. My younger dd has been moving so rapidly academically that I haven't been able to come up with a plan that she didn't outgrow before it had really even started. My older dd was fine, but is in 6th and I felt the need to make some serious changes as she is in middle school now and needing more. So, I thought giving our school a name would be inspiring and motivating to me. This would be something to constantly remind me what we are striving for.


Here's what I'm thinking (and hopefully you don't think this is too corny!:001_smile:):


I want to name our school* Gifts for Girls ___*(academy, school, ???) or something close to that. The idea is that I want to give my two girls many gifts as they grow into young ladies. I was thinking that the word Gifts would also stand for qualities that the girls would gain.


This is where I'm having some real trouble...

G is for grace

I is for integrity

F is for fortitude or faith?

T is for temperance (I was going with something about truth but dh really liked temperance-so to honor him I agreed)

S is for .....? hmmm I need a word here.


So I want these words to be qualities you would want your dd to have or exhibit as they grow. I want them to always know that learning, faith and love are all beautiful gifts to give and that they have received. I'd really like a word to stand for a love of learning or something that involves thinking...Are there any s words for that?


What do you think?:D


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I've been thinking about naming our homeschool The Eagle's Nest.


I call my kids fledges all the time. Too corny?


Not corny at all! Eagles are fascinating creatures. You could study them and discover that they mate for life, and during the courting ritual, the female soars high then plummets as to her death, while the male locks his talons to hers in an effort to save her... he is willing to die for her! She will take flight right before hitting ground, when he has proven that he would rather die with her, than let go. We humans could learn a lot from eagles. There are many admirable things about them... I think The Eagle's Nest makes quite a statement.


But I digress... sorry to hijack the thread... :blushing:


The op is looking for an s... I agree that strength is a great word and really fits in nicely with the other character traits you've mentioned. Also, there's sanctification, stamina, sanctum is nice but I don't think it fits with what you're after, significance, Spirit-led... but strength really is the best fit IMO... :001_smile:

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