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Trying to figure out the Omnibus schedule.

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It looks like in the Veritas Press catalog that Omnibus starts in 7th with Omnibus I, 8th for Omnibus II, and 9th for Omnibus III. What is the deal with 10th-12th? I see readings, but no student manual or teacher guide. They talk about a student completing 6 years of Omnibus in the product information. Is this program not finished yet? Would we be fine to start in 9th grade instead of 7th?


Thanks for any help you can give :001_smile:.

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Yes, VP has Omni I, II, and III for grades 7th, 8th and 9th grades. However many use this for higher grades as they are very challenging. VP says that it doesn't matter which one you begin with; so you could start with Omni III in 7th and be okay. I believe VP hasn't offered a main student or teacher guide for their Omni IV, V, or VI. They have said that it should be released for this fall.


This is all info I've gathered as my interests have risen and fallen. I haven't seen it yet.



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