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What could we use alongside SOTW 3?

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SOTW is great, but I'm looking for a (thick!) book to go alongside it. For this year we're reading "Our Island Story" alongside SOTW 2.

Any suggestions? They can be secular or Christian.


I am planning to use selected chapters from Our Island Story and This Country of Ours with SOTW 3 next year. (This Country of Ours covers US history for the time period. I don't know if you want that much detail about the colonial history of the US or not. We are Americans, and I still don't plan to read that much detail about some of the colonies.)


Depending on the age of your children, George Washington's World and The World of Captain John Smith (both by Genevieve Foster) cover the history of the whole world during the lifetime of the title characters, and should cover the entire period together.

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