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What to do after the Bob Books


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Bob books have punctuation? :)


So, what exactly are you looking for?


More book type things? The Nora Gaydos series is good, they're funner than the Bob books, but not much punctuation, either.


Books divided into syllables for a bit more advanced reading but still phonetic and easy for a young reader? (As soon as you learn that words and syllables ending in a vowel are long: be, me, go, no, my: ba-ker, mi-das, be-fore and syllables ending in a consonant are short) http://www.thephonicspage.org/On%20Reading/syllabledividedb.html


A fun game for practice? http://www.thephonicspage.org/On%20Phonics/concentrationgam.html


A complete phonics and spelling program designed to get a child reading anything, including multi-syllable words?



Or something else completely different?

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I second Seuss! And the older berenstein bear books - Spooky Old Tree, Bears on Wheels, etc. - as well as classics like Go Dog Do


Have you been through all the Bob books? DD caught on quick so we went from the second set right into the Seuss and Berenstein books. Have you checked into book databases that assign reading levels to children's books. http://www.arbookfind.com is a great one, although I think the Lexile score is a better indicator of how hard a book is to read than the AR scores. Anyway, you can search with reading level, topic/subject, and interset level parameters. I use that database, then check and reserve books online at my library.

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