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Exercises to increase attention to detail?

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My 8yodd- a late bloomer in most areas of academics- needs something to help her focus on detail. I think it would improve her reading. She often skips letters in words i.e. saying "trust" when the word spells "thrust" or saying "matcher" instead of "matches."


I've been making her read aloud to me more, and I help her, but I'm wondering if I worked with her in other areas that include detail if that would help.


All I can think of is "I Spy" books, or Where is Waldo. But that doesn't seem just what I'm looking for....which of course I'm not sure of. :001_huh:





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Well, I can think of those puzzles with two pictures and you're supposed to spot what's different about them, but I don't know if that's the trick either.


Have you considered some Charlotte Mason style exercises, say for example art appreciation, where the child studies the picture and then narrates it?

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I don't know if those puzzles test the same skill as reading words. I just know that my (probably) dyslexic daughter absolutely excels at comparing the picture puzzles, but she often skips or reverses letters while reading words. Comparing two pictures, and reading a word from left to right without skipping any letters, may be two different skill sets.


On the Special Needs board, they often recommend using a special index card while reading. Cut out a notch in the corner of the card about the depth of a line of text. Have the child read the word that is in that notch. Covering up the rest of the page helps the child focus on the word they are reading.

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