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Veritas Press Online Ninth Grade

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Bio is something that unless you are proficient in teaching, is better taught by someone else due to its complexity.


If I were going to drop something to allow for more time, less stress, I would drop Omnibus secondary. You have to remember if you do Omnibus online, the kids read everything. Most who do it at home probably pick and choose.


Here's time wise how that schedule looked for us this yr. We did Omnibus 1 at home and Bio online at a different school


Algebra~1 hr/day

Biology~1 1/2 hrs/day

Omnibus primary~ 1 hr 15 minutes/day (you would have an extra hr of class time a couple days a wk on top of this)

Omnibus secondary~30 minutes/day plus 2 hr weekly class

Composition~Included this in above

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It looks good to me. Four main classes is a nice number. The time needed for Algebra and Biology depend a lot on the curriculum; I believe Veritas uses Apologia, which can easily be done in three-four hours a week or less, though some students take more time. Biology is only as hard as you make it.


Anyway, I agree with Michelle, back off on secondary omnibus, not biology.

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