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Natural Hair Color/Dye?

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Okay, I always, always said I wouldn't color my hair, that I wear my grey proudly. I earned it. But . . .


Here's the thing: I really hate the way it looks.


Now, as someone else said recently, I am not vain in general. My wardrobe comes mostly from Target and Kohl's (when I can do the two-for-one sale), with jeans from Lane Bryant. I've been wearing the same style of black athletic shoes from Payless for about five years. (I wait for a sale, then buy two or three pairs.) I just. plain. don't. care. most of the time.


In terms of hair, I've worn mine more or less the same way since I was a teenager (and you don't want to know how long ago that was). I cut it myself most of the time. Maybe once every couple of years I'll hit a Supercuts and get it trimmed. Sometimes I wear it shorter (just above my shoulders), and sometimes I let it grow. But it's bangs swept to the side, hair parted on the side and pulled back with barettes. My hair is thick and curly, and this is the only thing I've ever found that looks reasonably attractive and keeps it in place.


Basically, my fashion quest is to be pretty much anonymous and not be embarrassed.


But my hair. It really gets me when I see myself in photos and the light is glinting off all of that silver . . . Eww. Just eww.


So, I want to color it. BUT, we're ethical vegans, which means I won't use any cosmetic stuff that might be tested on animals. Now, when my daughter wanted her hair colored, I took her right to the local Aveda salon. However, it costs me over $100 each time, and requires more time sitting around in a salon than I have any interest in spending.


In previous years, I've experimented with coloring my hair at home, but I never found a product that was reliable and consistent.


And, with all of the as prelude, I'm finally getting around to asking: Can anyone recommend a cruelty-free hair coloring product I can use at home that will actually work?



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Tints of Nature. It's easy to use, fragrance free, organic, and not tested on animals. Our local Whole Foods used to carry it, although now I think they carry this brand which I'm not sure I like quite as well. My hair is fine and slightly shorter than shoulder length; I find that I can mix up only half of it a time and use the rest a couple of months later. It covers my grey, looks very natural, and grows out gradually, so that I am not left with distinct contrast in colors (grey and brown) near my hair line (if that makes sense). It's costs about $15, and since I only use half at a time, it's very economical.


If you have thick hair, or your hair is longer than mine, use all of the solution at once.



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Revlon is a company that reportedly does not do animal testing. I use their Colorsilk. $3 per box. No ammonia. I've tried more expensive products, but they were just more expensive (and smelled worse!)

I'm extremely frugal and don't allocate much money for cosmetics or fashions (thrift stores and 1/2 price sales!) Colorsilk is inexpensive and looks natural. I'm very pleased with it.

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I have used the red henna with success.

Straight up ground henna - nothing else.

Covers the grey.

Do not use the black - looked more grey!!!!

And it wasn't in your face red.

Do not use henna if you already have dyed with chemicals (or the other way around) because it can ruin your hair.

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I second the henna! I get mine at Rainbow Research. I use the medium brown mixed with dark brown, and it makes my grays look like highlights. I mix black coffee and vinegar with the henna when I put it on. Although the directions say it is only for up to 10% gray, I have found with the coffee and vinegar it covers much more gray than that. It also conditions your hair -- makes it shinier and the grays more manageable.





Take care,


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Ack! Why the sudden need to justify wanting to do something nice for yourself? Some of us don't care about appearance that much and some of us do. What difference does it make which side you usually fall? Wear that haircolor loud and proud :D



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I find this thread very interesting. I didn't 'earn' my grey...mine is hereditary and I started getting it at 13 :eek:, so I have been dying my hair for 12 years now. One must keep in mind there are other reasons to dye one's hair other than vanity. I do hope to find a natural alternative to my Nice n' Easy...but until then, I have no problem forking over the $5 a month to keep my greys at bay. However, I do hope more people will post some more alternatives. :bigear:

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My mom had very dark brown hair in her youth, and it started graying in her 30's. She used henna for years, before it got really, really gray, and she loved the henna, and it looked beautiful. She did go to a salon to have it done, every 6 weeks or so, but I'm sure an "at home" treatment would work well too. (She is allergic to regular dyes...hives...so now that she is all, all gray, she lets it be natural...but she is 60 this year...so she doesn't mind it...and she looks great natural...it's silver!) I keep saying I won't dye mine either...but somehow, I have a feeling, when I'm faced with reality, I will be hitting the salon! My hair is really dark brown too, and I think I've got a gray hair on top of my head, but it's a loner still. I'm secretly hoping that since I'm 35 and only have one gray, that I won't have to deal with this until I'm like, I don't know, 70! Lol!

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